My grandfather owned a Chinese restaurant. At an early age I became aware of the significance of family celebrations centered around large meals. Many courses of food are served “banquet style” seated at a large round table. My work embraces this union of family and friends in a communal fashion. Each piece reflects how the food is presented and the interaction of its user. The work should be aesthetically pleasing and functional.

My work is a fusion of clay, fire and glass. I use texture on the surface and the small bits of glass during the glaze firing makes these textures more abstract creating a pool of translucent color. These small glass puddles leave a smooth, gem-like surface reminiscent of stone or ice formations. Each firing yields unique results and it’s hard to replicate a surface entirely. I employ simple organic forms because I believe the marriage of clay, form and glaze speak for themselves.

I strive to create work that evokes a natural, calm feeling. This work can be used in a group setting or for a single person having a meal. My intent is to enhance the everyday ritual of eating by making it a beautiful and shared experience.